Success of our Clients

The following examples provide an insight into our work and the success of our clients:


Customer magazine (Corporate Publishing)

Flair Journal, the customer magazine of Flair Hotels e.V., was repositioned by Mundo Marketing with a fresh layout and newspaper-style articles on the topics of travel, wellness and the hotel business. We created new opportunities for reader response and there was a measurable increase in customer loyalty. Advertisers were more appropriately addressed and more successfully canvassed with newly designed media documentation.


Press relations and content management

In many matters related to marketing, the ABC Training Centre for Sailors and Motorboat Drivers in Munich turns to Mundo Marketing for help. Regular press relations work, newsletters and brochures have led to numerous new customer contacts in a highly competitive market. The right combination of marketing activities significantly increased the company’s sales and profits.


Integrated communication

With the aid of continuous public relations work, Mundo Marketing assisted in the successful implementation of the smart marketing ideas of the Flair Hotel "Landhaus Höhler", in the Westerwald region. A redesigned website, regular press relations work and a new brochure for the hotel convey a strong corporate identity. The result has been a noticeable increase in hotel room occupancy.


Direct marketing

Our task at Cologne software firm BEYONDSOFT was to establish on the market a service that requires explanation. This was achieved with the aid of a comprehensive direct marketing concept. Using various new measures such as image and utility brochures, a website and dialogue marketing, Mundo Marketing was able to contribute to the generation of potential new customers.