About Mundo Marketing, Agency Of Communication, Germany, Cologne

A strong team for your success


The company aim of Mundo Marketing GmbH is to increase the  success of our customers. Our profile is high-quality service in the area of marketing and communication. To this end, we work at present as a B2B agency divided into three parts:

  1. Public Relations Services
    As a full-service PR agency we are the right contact for all issues concerning public relations work.
  2. Editorial and text services, press and picture service.
    The aim of Mundo Text, a subdivision of Mundo Marketing, is to produce fist-class content for all media (print, Internet, TV and radio).
  3. Marketing services
    Whether you need advice or clarification of marketing questions: we provide our customers with classic advertising and sales marketing as well as direct advertising.

Services in the areas of training and publishing are also in the planning stages.


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