Targeted Marketing Services in Germany

Conquer the German market- with targeted marketing

To increase your company´s success in Germany efficient marketing is needed, especially when it comes to entering into a new market. Your marketing department will be pleased to be professionally supported by informed experts. We know how to attract the attention of German customers towards you:  

  • Development of your marketing concepts inclusive of advice and follow-up implementation. 

  • Marketing and market research: On your behalf, we keep an eye on the markets in Germany, Austria and Switzerland so that you are always informed about demands. 

  • You decide how you want to present yourself; we develop and implement your corporate identity (CI), your corporate design (CD) and your corporate communication

  • Classic advertisement for your company in the German market: ads, brochures, leaflets, flyers, catalogues and financial statements.

  • -By using direct and dialogue marketing you will acquire new customers in Germany, reactivate lost and bind existing customers.

  • We will look after your trade fair marketing in order for you to directly contact your German customers and potential buyers before, during or after a trade fair.

  • Conception, organization and implementation of your events will place you and your company directly into the German limelight.

  • Internet marketing consists of banner ads, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), email marketing and advertisement as well as preparing and sending out your newsletters.

Irrespective of whether marketing advice or a full implementation: We are happy to be on your side when it comes to communication and marketing in Germany with the help of our dedicated team; and our longstanding experience: continuity and innovation since 1989!

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Our Marketing Services

  • Marketing concept
  • Marketing and market research
  • Development and implementation of corporate identity (CI), corporate design (CD) and corporate communication (CC)
  • Classic advertising: advertisements, brochures, prospectuses, catalogues and business reports
  • Direct and dialogue marketing
  • Trade fair marketing
  • Event marketing and management
  • Internet marketing

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Ertay Hayit
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