Price List Public Relations, PR, Germany

Price List

All quoted prices are guideline prices. They can vary in both directions. The pricing is orientated to the individual requirements of each customer.


Hourly rate

PR Head Consultation 120 Euro
Senior Consultation 100 Euro

Service Areas
Secretarial 45 Euro
Organisation/assistance 60 Euro
Documentation 60 Euro
Text/graphic 80 Euro

All prices in Euro plus legal VAT (German Mehrwertsteuer: 19%)

Expenditures for external services and expenses (for example, printed matter, films, cutting services, literature studies, research, translations) will be billed separately, as well as contract specific (variable) costs, such as travel and telephone/fax expenses.

Flat rateable PR services (Honorary division only)

PR conception
Small conception (simple concept) 1500 Euro
Medium conception (with presentation) 2500 Euro
Large conception (with presentation) 5500 Euro

Press conferences
Local/regional Press conference 3000 Euro
National Press conference 5500 Euro

Individual services
Press information, per page (30 lines á 50 touches), without distribution 250 Euro
Editorial article, per page 250 Euro
Editing, per page 20 Euro
“Small” PR event 2500 Euro
Speech/lecture manuscript 1500 Euro
In house/customer magazine Per A4 page 250 Euro
Press photos 200 Euro
Treatment Tone frame/Multimedia show per minute 250 Euro
Ghost writing: Specialist book/biography or others according to extent 6000 Euro to 15000 Euro

All prices in Euro plus legal VAT (German Mehrwertsteuer: 19%)


Continous PR consultation and attention without execution (monthly basic honorary)

After agreement from 2000 Euro

For small businesses and small associates
After agreement from 1000 Euro


Regular Consultation
Regular consultation of the customer in all questions of public work for the tasked areas transferred.

Work plans/action plans/cost plans
Planning and drawing up of annual work plans for the each current year or of action plans for the execution of public work. Drawing up off cost plans under consideration of the existing funds for the current work year or action.

Customer discussions
Preparation, execution and recording of the regular customer discussions.

Observation of the opinion market
Observation of the German media and opinion markets in the area of the customer.

Budget administration 
Budget administration, execution of invoicing and payment service for projects contracted to third parties and to customers, as well as the creation of intermediate invoicing and completion of the payment service of contract projects.

Documentation of the agency for completed PR actions.

Further services
Further services after consultation.

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