Trade Fair Services in Germany, Agency Of Communication, Koeln

Full trade fair service in Germany

Here are some of the things we can offer:

  • Request exhibition information from exhibition corporations. We can query your exhibition program with the relevant authorities, co-ordinate the process and obtain the necessary authorization for your exhibition.
  • Establish the size and position of your stand and register for you.
  • Internal discussion with the customers: We will establish exhibition goals and main focuses.
  • Lay down the text.
  • Discussion with the trade fair building contractor, graphic designer: establishing details.
  • Allocation of work: graphic designer, booth construction firm, electricians, carpenters, decorators.
  • Application forms: from water installation to parking spaces at the trade fair.
  • Materials for building and running the booth, prospectus and advertising materials.
  • Advertisements in trade magazines (with references to the trade fair).
  • Invitations: Invitation cards, vouchers, invitation of journalists.
  • Accommodation reservations, documents to stock the booth, Information on stocking the booth and installation.
  • Booth delivery, press and temporary staff for the trade fair on request, dismantling of the stand.
  • Calculation of historical costs of the exhibition, post-fair assessment and evaluation and result testing.

Special: Press work

  • Press information on news, press kits, displays in the press center.
  • Trade fair service at the booth and in the press center.
  • Press conferences


  • Costs are calculated on an hourly basis.
  • We estimate a preparation period of 1-3 weeks per trade fair. On arrangement, we can offer you a fixed price for your trade fair marketing.
  • Trade fair concept advice: 120 Euro per hour
  • Trade fair specialist work, organization, press booth service: 80 Euro per hour
  • Secretarial: 40 Euro per hour
  • Assembly, dismantling, transport: 40 Euro per hour.

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